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The best porn?

Remember that you will not find the best porn on this site. The best porn is something you’ll have to pay for. You will find great porn on this site however, meticulously screened and rated for your pleasure. And lastly, remember; even if a video gets rated 1 on this site it will never be considered bad. All videos that gets put on this site are videos that I believe deserves to be watched even if its just a curiosity. Most videos are put here because they are meant to get you off but this site is made for people who loves porn as well as those who want something good to get them off, meaning that there will be stuff like behind the scenes, interviews and PMV’s on this site.

Please enjoy my site,

– The Webmasster


Sharing Porn

The goal of PwnAssPunany is to review and share pornographic content.

Sexual Health

A lot of mainstream porn features an unrealistic representation of people’s bodies and sexual activities. PwnAssPunany is dedicated to show more of more "normal" people making porn.


A lot of pornographic content is uploaded on the internet without the producer or performers consent. PwnAssPunany takes steps to make sure no such videos are embedded on this site.


PwnAssPunany is run without external funding by other companies, individuals, or organizations.


Everyone hate ads, which is why this website contains no ads. The videos embedded to this site might however contain ads (if a video has trouble playing, try turning of your adblocker).


Most videos on this site are free. Others are part of a Premium program. Why? Because the best content is something you pay for. When you pay for porn you are part of keeping the business running.


The content on PwnAssPunany are created through collaboration between different contributors.


This site is owned and maintained by a single person.