Welcome to my site. PwnAssPunany is a free access review blog about porn. It will mainly feature my personal reviews of pornographic scenes on the internet, but there will be reviews about other things pornographic as well. I am just a normal person with a love for asses, sexual pwnage and punany (I love breasts too though), and with a passion for porn. I hope you will enjoy my site, and if you have any questions not covered in the Q&A below, feel free to contact me.

There are soooo many pornsites and blogs out there, so what makes PwnAssPunany the site to visit? There are a lot of sites reviewing porn, but a lot of those either review pornsites or write looong stories about each scene. Allot of the sites are also clearly “in the pocket of paysites” (not that I blame anyone for wanting to get payed though). I want this site to be something in between browsing on Pornhub’s recommended section and highly descriptive blogposts. I want to cut the bullshit and give you an opinion of the quality of the content without making it too long. I will try to be exact on what you get and what I think about it. When it comes to stuff such as games I will most likely give a more in depth review (especially if it is a pay-to-play game) than I do to a scene that lasts twelve minutes.

To sum it up: if you want suggestions on good porn catering to many tastes, created by someone who are passionate about porn and want to share with you, then you should keep visiting this site. There is so much pornographic material on the internet, so it might be nice having someone narrowing your search down for you. And there is also a quiz.

To be honest, I don’t care if I get allot of followers on this site, I’m doing this because I enjoy it and I am sure you will too. I do however think that the site will become better and this much more fun to work with if I have many active visitors. I might even create a newsletter if I get enough requests for it.

I use a ranking system from 1 (worst) to 5 (best). The ranking system is based on a multitude of factors such as: camera angles, quality of the video, performer involvement (are they “in it”), and so on. The final score will be the sum of factors and be based on the general “feel” of the video. This will of course be subjective, even though I try my best to be objective and cynical. If you highly disagree with how I have rated a video, let me know. Even though I try to only give you the best porn, not all videos are equal. I do take requests, and I try to give a diverse display of content on the site so not all videos reviewed will be great videos. Most videos will most likely not be given a five on the rating scale either; this is because that means it’s the best of the best, and you will mostly not be able to access that for free. There are however free videos out there deserving of a full score. Another reason for the ranking is that I try to give a diverse account of pornography and I am, as everybody, biased (even though I try not to be).

However, I would like to mention that even though some videos get a rating of one or two, that does not mean that they are bad. Such videos might be highly enjoyable or fun to watch but might lack that hotness or “fappyability” I believe a really good porn video should contain. There will be NO videos on this site that I believe are bad.

I am picking videos from tube-sites with their direct or indirect (some sites, like Pornhub have open sharing policies) consent. Since these sites have many videos and anyone can upload videos there, copyright is always an issue. I do respect copyright, and so does these sites. I therefore only put videos on my site that are from either a content partner or a verified model, so that I in good faith can believe that it is not infringed. If you do however find infringed materials embedded to this site, please let me, and the site the video comes from know so we may take it down.

Even though most of the materials on my site is free content, I do believe that paying for porn is important. I personally subscribe to several premium pornsites and believe that everyone that loves porn should do the same. So why do I promote free content on this site, you ask? Well, even though I believe in paying for porn I also am a big fan of free samples and people sharing freely. These samples give you the ability to check out what you like so you can make more of an informed choice when it comes to subscriptions. I also acknowledge that some people at one or more times in their lives cannot afford to buy porn, and I believe every adult should be allowed to watch porn. Another side of this is that there are a lot of people making porn for free because they enjoy it (much like I am enjoying doing this). I believe in supporting such horny niceties, so you will see mostly validated homemade videos on this site.

– The Webmasster


Writing reviews

Of course, you can! PwnAssPunany.com has no user accounts, but you may submit suggestions and reviews using the form on the review submission page.

Technical issues

The videos on PwnAssPunany are embedded from other websites and those websites might use anti-ad blocking technology. If you have an issue with a video, try disabling your ad blocker and refresh the page. If the problem continues, you could try to follow the link to the video website. Please let me know of any broken links or continuing technical issues.

There might not be a video embedded to every post. If there are no video, try using the link provided. If there are no video at the end of the link or you get an error, the video in question might have been taken down or moved. If you find something like this, please let me know.


That really depends on you. Personally, male gay porn is not my cup of tea and because I would like to review scenes, I am able enjoy since I earn no money from this. I might review scenes containing male bisexuality. I am in no way against having a male gay category on my site, but if you want such a category, you will have to recommend the videos and write the reviews. Use the review submission page, or send it as email.

I answer all submissions and request I get. If I have not answered you, I have not read the email. I try to check my inbox and answer emails at least twice a week, and I will answer as fast as I am able. If it’s just been a couple of days, wait a day or two more before resending. If I don’t answer in two weeks or more there might be a spam filter or some technical issue preventing your mail from coming through. Try sending me an email just saying that you have tried to contact me.

I instantly block all email addresses that send spam or are trolling!


There are no advertising on PwnAssPunany. However, if you want me to look at your page and write something about it, send me an email. Please write something other than: “check out my website” or something as this might be considered spam. If you give me access to content I can use on my site, you will (if you want) get your logo at the “my friends” column at the bottom of my site.

If they are about porn, and you have your licenses in order – of course! I will however not just share all your videos, but rather review them.