Mia Bandini love bananas

Mia Bandini love bananas

Video title: I love bananas, but the dicks are much bigger. Mia Bandini

Duration: 19m 8s

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A lovely scene with Mia Bandini. Starts with some erotic banana eating which quickly turns into sucking and fucking. Her giggling and smiling gets me, showing that she really enjoys herself. They are a hot couple doing hot stuff. This is a homemade POV-video, which is a good way of getting right into the action, but a lot of the time the camera is zoomed in too far or the angle are a little off. That is not that much of an issue. What bugs me, however, is the guy blowing into the microphone. This is a hot video deserving of its rating of 4.

– The Webmasster

PS. I do not enjoy girls having their nails done in bright colours in such videos, it takes focus away from what really matters. Especially when there is much dim lighting like in this scene.


  • 02:10 – blowjob (with deepthroat)
  • 05:47 – doggy
  • 10:45 – blowjob (with deepthroat)
  • 12:05 – missionary (look at her pecks – dayyym!)
  • 13:48 – blowjob (throatfuck)
  • 14:05 – doggy
  • 15:07 – blowjob
  • 15:22 – cowgirl
  • 16:21 – missionary
  • 16:56 – cumshot

Link: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e01f1adce931