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Rules of Submission

The Rules when Submitting Posts to PwnAssPunany:

• No alias, no credit. (If I post it, I will most likely say that it was given to me by an anonymous person, but no guarantees)

• Don’t copy another person or site’s work. The post must be written by you, or you must have the legal right to use and share it.

• Once you submit the content of your post is no longer your property, meaning:

1. The Webmaster reserves the right revise and change the content of the post.

2. You have no longer legal claim to the content of the post.

3. You have no legal say in how it is used (or if it is used).

4. You can no longer use this material on another website without prior written autorisation from the Webmaster of

• Do NOT submit anything illegal or obscene such as stuff that are racist or harassing, child porn, bestiality (sex with animals), scat, acts of violence or cruelty.

• Do not link to any site containing viruses or other harmful software.

• Only submit stuff that are porn related. You may review a game for instance, but it has so been a pornographic game or some kind of sex game.

• Check that the video content you review is uploaded by a verified member, sponsor, model or it is in any way indicated that the uploader has the right to share the material. Videos that do not fit the previous description should be at least 6 months old (I do this for every review I make for this website).

• If what you submit cause any kind of legal action against, Webmaster or owner, you will be implicated.

• Only link to sites that have an open embedding policy such as Pornhub, or receive written authorization from the site saying that may embed and screenshot (for the post header) their videos (I will need to see the authorization before I release your posts.

Warning: Rules may change! Last revised – January 2020

Sites that have open embedding policies for their videos or that PwnAssPunany has an embedding agreement with:

• PornHub

• Xtube

• YouJizz

• Eporner

Lastly, I’m not trying to be a dick or anything by having these rules. But there are so many strange people on the internet that I must have some way of protecting myself against lawsuits and such.

That said; I do respect the work you do and I appreciate it immensely. I will consider every input, suggestion or complaint that I receive regarding posts and the site in general, and I would love to discuss your posts with you. If you have submitted a post and you want it taken down or changed I will most likely do so, my point is only that I don’t have to.

– The Webmasster